Complete. The most commonly-needed components are implemented in Kotti. More components will be implemented when there is a specific need for them. TypeScript Support. Kotti is transitioning to a fully TypeScript-based code-base. While Vue doesn’t support all TS features, we believe that it’s still benefitial in the supported cases. Modern. Kotti aims to be a modern UI framework, regularly iterating over the existing design and adjusting it with newer UX improvements.
Consistent. The goal is to provide consistent, intuitive, and easy-to-use Vue components that users can immediately understand. Similar components shouldn’t defy expectations. Fail-fast. We believe that it’s better to error early than to have hard-to-catch bugs due to API misuse. Our components provide prop validation to catch common mistakes and throw errors in unexpected situations. Open-Source. Kotti is licensed under the MIT License — one of the most-permissible software licenses out there. Feel free to fork, modify, and use it. For any project you want.


yarn add @3yourmind/kotti-ui


npm install --save @3yourmind/kotti-ui

Documentation & Usage

Documentation: https://kotti.onrender.com or https://3yourmind.github.io/kotti/

// in main.ts / entrypoint
import Vue from 'vue'
import KottiUI from '@3yourmind/kotti-ui'
import '@3yourmind/kotti-ui/dist/styles.css'

// also make sure to set-up @vue/composition-api as it’s required for newer Kotti features
import VueCompositionAPI from '@vue/composition-api' // right now, 0.6.1 is recommended
Vue.use(VueCompositionAPI) // should be added before KottiUi

// (optional) register all KtComponents globally

// Alternatively, import the components you need
import { KtForm } from '@3yourmind/kotti-ui'

const CustomVueComponent = {
	// ...
	components: {


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Some features of KtFieldFileUpload rely on WebRTC. This technology should be available on all modern browsers as well as on native clients for all major platforms.

If you have issues accessing the device's camera, include the webrtc-adapter package.

Development Workflow

Initial Setup

Remember to use your GitHub email for this repo

git clone git@github.com:3yourmind/kotti

cd kotti

# configure github email for this repository
git config user.email "123456+githubusername@users.noreply.github.com"

# install dependencies
yarn config set workspaces-experimental true
yarn install
yarn run lerna bootstrap


# auto-build/watch
yarn run watch


# having to build should hopefully be resolved in a future update
yarn workspace @3yourmind/sass-node-modules-importer run build
yarn workspace @3yourmind/yoco run build
yarn workspace @3yourmind/vue-use-tippy run build
yarn workspace @3yourmind/kotti-ui run build
# serve at http://localhost:3000
yarn workspace @3yourmind/documentation run serve

Handling Rebases

There are two workflows to help with rebasing pull requests:

  1. Rebase
    Commenting /rebase on any pull request will trigger a GitHub Action that rebases the PR. This is best used when attempting to rebase a PR without auto-rebase before merging.
  2. Auto-Rebase
    Adding the autorebase:opt-in label to any pull request will automatically rebase the PR as soon as it’s out-of-date. This should preferrably be used by the author, as it requires them to be aware of having to use git pull --rebase


# es-lint (with --fix)
yarn run fix:eslint
# es-lint (without --fix)
yarn run check:eslint

# stylelint (with --fix)
yarn run fix:stylelint
# stylelint (without --fix)
yarn run check:stylelint


yarn run test


git checkout master
git pull --rebase
yarn install

# you may need login to npm with your credentials if you have publishing rights
# make sure you have 2FA on your npmjs.com account enabled
npm login

# update the version in `package.json`
# make sure to commit the version bump changes before publishing then run:

# Make a release draft here:
# Follow guidelines of previous releases
# https://github.com/3YOURMIND/kotti/releases/new
# Tag format: 'v1.2.3-beta.4'
# Title format: 1.2.3-beta.4: tldr of what's happening

# make a version commit:
# Make extra sure you change the version everywhere it is mentioned in the source.
# Commit message format: version(1.2.3-beta.4): tldr of what's happening

yarn run lerna publish from-package
# git push your commit to remote

# publish release draft here:
# https://github.com/3YOURMIND/kotti/releases

# announce the new version in the #kotti slack channel


yarn run lerna run build


Important Folders

Path Purpose
packages/documentation Nuxt-managed documentation