Complete. The most commonly-needed components are implemented in Kotti. More components will be implemented when there is a specific need for them. TypeScript Support. Kotti is transitioning to a fully TypeScript-based code-base. While Vue doesn’t support all TS features, we believe that it’s still benefitial in the supported cases. Modern. Kotti aims to be a modern UI framework, regularly iterating over the existing design and adjusting it with newer UX improvements.
Consistent. The goal is to provide consistent, intuitive, and easy-to-use Vue components that users can immediately understand. Similar components shouldn’t defy expectations. Fail-fast. We believe that it’s better to error early than to have hard-to-catch bugs due to API misuse. Our components provide prop validation to catch common mistakes and throw errors in unexpected situations. Open-Source. Kotti is licensed under the MIT License — one of the most-permissible software licenses out there. Feel free to fork, modify, and use it. For any project you want.


yarn add @3yourmind/kotti-ui


npm install --save @3yourmind/kotti-ui

Documentation & Usage

Documentation: https://kotti.onrender.com or https://3yourmind.github.io/kotti/

// in main.ts / entrypoint
import Vue from 'vue'
import KottiUI from '@3yourmind/kotti-ui'
import '@3yourmind/kotti-ui/dist/styles.css'

// also make sure to set-up @vue/composition-api as it’s required for newer Kotti features
import VueCompositionAPI from '@vue/composition-api' // right now, 0.6.1 is recommended
Vue.use(VueCompositionAPI) // should be added before KottiUi

// (optional) register all KtComponents globally

// Alternatively, import the components you need
import { KtForm } from '@3yourmind/kotti-ui'

const CustomVueComponent = {
	// ...
	components: {


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Development Workflow

Initial Setup

Remember to use your GitHub email for this repo

git clone git@github.com:3yourmind/kotti

cd kotti

# configure github email for this repository
git config user.email "123456+githubusername@users.noreply.github.com"

# install dependencies
yarn config set workspaces-experimental true
yarn install
yarn run lerna bootstrap


# auto-build/watch
yarn run watch


# having to build should hopefully be resolved in a future update
yarn workspace @3yourmind/sass-node-modules-importer run build
yarn workspace @3yourmind/yoco run build
yarn workspace @3yourmind/vue-use-tippy run build
yarn workspace @3yourmind/kotti-ui run build
# serve at http://localhost:3000
yarn workspace @3yourmind/documentation run serve

Handling Rebases

There are two workflows to help with rebasing pull requests:

  1. Rebase
    Commenting /rebase on any pull request will trigger a GitHub Action that rebases the PR. This is best used when attempting to rebase a PR without auto-rebase before merging.
  2. Auto-Rebase
    Adding the autorebase:opt-in label to any pull request will automatically rebase the PR as soon as it’s out-of-date. This should preferrably be used by the author, as it requires them to be aware of having to use git pull --rebase


# es-lint (with --fix)
yarn run fix:eslint
# es-lint (without --fix)
yarn run check:eslint

# stylelint (with --fix)
yarn run fix:stylelint
# stylelint (without --fix)
yarn run check:stylelint


yarn run test


git checkout master
git pull --rebase
yarn install

# you may need login to npm with your credentials if you have publishing rights
# make sure you have 2FA on your npmjs.com account enabled
npm login

# update the version in `package.json`
# make sure to commit the version bump changes before publishing then run:

# Make a release draft here:
# Follow guidelines of previous releases
# https://github.com/3YOURMIND/kotti/releases/new
# Tag format: 'v1.2.3-beta.4'
# Title format: 1.2.3-beta.4: tldr of what's happening

# make a version commit:
# Make extra sure you change the version everywhere it is mentioned in the source.
# Commit message format: version(1.2.3-beta.4): tldr of what's happening

yarn run lerna publish from-package
# git push your commit to remote

# publish release draft here:
# https://github.com/3YOURMIND/kotti/releases

# announce the new version in the #kotti slack channel


yarn run lerna run build


Important Folders

Path Purpose
packages/documentation Nuxt-managed documentation